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The Purple Haze Family

We're the online family network for undiscovered / underground artists. Were made up from all artist's from musicians , singers, dancers , comedians , tattooist's, models, face and body paint artists, comic book writers, fashion and poets. We believe in bridging the gap of cultural difference's through arts and creativity. We are the online network for undiscovered / underground artists Purple Haze Family.com were you don't have to be blood or an artist to be family. " Welcome to the family. "

We survive on donations because we don't run adds like other networks commonly do. You do NOT need to donate to be part of the family. If you do so, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being part of the family.

Our Mission





Love Life, Others and Yourself


Our Philosophy

We make things happen.

The Purple Haze Estate Family is an Online family / Talent network. We believe in bridging the gap between cultural and lifestyles though art and creativity. We are not out for fame money or power. We are founded on togetherness and family values. "If you ain't taking chances you ain't living. "

Our Skills

Live Life 100%
Creativity 100%
Dance 100%
Art 100%
Tattoos 100%
Music 100%
Expressing Yourself 100%